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MajesticĀ Group Buy



If you have an existing online business or you are employed online, you would like to have the best portfolio and websites to boast to your clients. With the number of competitions you have in the internet, you need to make yourself visible and recognized by the top search engines, and what more could help you than Majestic.

Majestic is a marketing search engine that would help you find potential clients, manage your sites and your portfolios, and follow up on your success. You would able to reach out to who is on the rise today and see analysis of your URLs so you could hit a mine of gold. Online business owners would also see opportunities for them to make their businesses bigger than before.

Majestic Group Buy has a lot of offers for you. One of them is the site explorer. It gives you the ability to explore on the URL in a detailed account. If you avail of the following packages by Majestic, you would get to experience the totality of this amazing tool.

Another feature is the history checker for back links. It would enable you, especially SEOs, to check the number of back links appropriate for given domains and URLs. If you are a registered user, then you are entitled to use 5 domains at the same time, which would allow SEOs to compare the back link growth rate of other rival domains.

Majestic Group Buy could also search for a keyword you have given, and check where its URLs appear and also see the search score for it. Another feature is the Link Intelligence API. You just have to subscribe to their packages and you would have access to all raw data that you would need to extend your knowledge and sales in the internet.